Before Your Appointment

So you’ve made an appointment to come and see us- now what? Selecting the flooring for your home is a big decision and a big commitment. In fact, flooring is likely the biggest purchase you will make next to your home.

Here are some things to think about before coming to see us:

1. Preview Our Showroom. Come and visit us before your appointment and have a look at what we have to offer. One of our consultants can point you in the right direction and then give you the time you need to browse. If you find something you like, write it down and it will give our designers a starting point for when you come back for your scheduled appointment.

2. Make Time. It is important to leave yourself an adequate amount of time to make decisions without feeling pressured or rushed. We recommend coming in a little early for your appointment so you can have a tea or coffee and a few minutes to look over our selection.

3. Discuss Your Budget. When people come in for their appointments, we usually have one of two scenarios- either you are working within a specific budget or you have no idea where to begin even setting a realistic one. If you have a set budget, it is important to mention this to your consultants so that we can tailor our recommendations to accommodate this. If you have no idea where to start, our consultants can put together several options for you and we will work from there. Not to worry- we have extensive experience with both situations!

4. Consider your Lifestyle. Who are the primary users of the space? Do you have children? Pets? Do you entertain at home? Do you have a home office? Do you spend a lot of time at home or is it mainly a bed and breakfast? All these factors will contribute to your choice of flooring and can help us decide what we will recommend for you.
Also, consider your expectations- what do you expect from your floor in terms of style and performance? And what you are prepared to give in terms of maintenance and cleaning?

5. Personal Preferences – What do you like? We all have some experience with flooring that we’ve had previously or seen in friend’s places. This is an excellent starting point for selecting your flooring. If you have concerns about a particular type, think about WHY you didn’t like it and we’ll work on finding the perfect solution for your space.

6. Existing Décor. Are you keeping any, all or none of your current furniture or art? Your existing pieces will likely be one of the biggest factors to consider when selecting your flooring. If you have pictures of a favorite piece or a cushion from your favorite chair- bring these with you! It’s helpful for our designers to see what you already have and what you love.

7. Other Appointments. When building a house or renovating, flooring is one of the last items to be selected because there are so many choices! You can find something to fit with any décor and budget. It’s important to have both your CABINET and GRANITE selections made prior to coming in for your appointment with us as it’s easier to match these selections with our flooring samples rather than the other way around.

8. Call Us! If you have any questions- give us a call! We’re happy to help.