Benefits: warm, soft, easy to clean, traps dust and allergens, sound deadening
Limitations: not as resilient as hardwood or tile

Carpet is by far the warmest and softest of all flooring types. It is available in a variety of styles, materials and patterns and can be used in many different applications including residential, commercial and some can even be installed outdoors. Carpet can trap dust and allergens better than a hard surface so when vacuumed frequently, will actually help reduce their impact. It also has excellent sound deadening properties so a carpeted room will seem much quieter than one with a hard surface.

Not all carpet is created equal! Ask our consultants about the difference and the benefits of the different types of fibres and which would be best suited for your lifestyle and budget. We won’t mention the face weight or ounce weight of a carpet simply because it has no bearing on the overall performance of a carpet. It’s more important to assess the quality of the construction.

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