Benefits: warm, environmentally friendly, easy to clean
Limitations: expensive

Cork is comfortable, durable, hypoallergenic, healthy, stylish and highly insulating – overall an incredibly functional flooring product. It is one of the hottest trends in design and decor today. Cork is more than 50% percent air, which makes it a natural sound and shock absorber. It is also softer to walk on and has been shown to reduce fatigue when standing when compared to tile and hardwood.
Cork is a unique product that is completely renewable and harvesting cork does not harm the trees the bark is taken from. The Cork Oak tree can live for over 200 years and can be harvested 15-18 times throughout its lifespan. The removal of the bark plays an essential part in keeping the tree alive and ensures that the Cork Oak forest ecosystem will be protected for future generations.

Cork is a very durable flooring choice. Where hardwood will permanently dent and scratch under the pressure applied by a pet’s nails or a high heel shoe, cork has the ability to almost fully rebound back to its original shape and because there is significant texture and color variation within each plank, it helps to hide dirt, scratches and dents.

Visit our showroom and check out our cork display- we have a wide variety of plank sizes, patterns and even colors!